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Professional Consultation & Mentoring

Are you an acupuncturist working alone and looking for support or new perspectives?  Do you work with herbs but lack confidence with diagnosis and modifying formulas?  Are you recently out of school and having many questions arise as you begin to see your own clients?

Laurel offers professional consultation for Chinese herbalists and acupuncturists over the phone, by e-mail, and/or in person.  Sometimes all we need is someone to say, yes you can use that herb long-term, sometimes you need help knowing where to start with a complicated case. Laurel can help guide you through the process of gaining confidence and expanding your skills. 

Fee is $60/hour. Consultations can range from five minutes to an hour or more.

"Laurel has been my herb mentor for over 4 years. She has guided me beautifully from my beginnings as a tentative practitioner through my evolution into a more confident one. I have always felt supported by her and have complete trust in her knowledge and experience. I appreciate her honesty and her clarity. I am very grateful to have found Laurel as a mentor, and I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking mentorship at any level of their Chinese medicine practice."

Jenny Wood, Lic.Ac., Dipl.C.H., Chatham, MA

To inquire about Professional Consultation & Mentoring, please send a message using the form below, or call (413) 665-9077.

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"Having Laurel's Chinese herbal mentoring during my first year in practice helped me to have the confidence to dive in and start doing customized formulas with patients, and to take on complex cases. Laurel is efficient, thorough, clear, generous with her knowledge and experience, and very supportive and encouraging. She helped me relax about being a beginner, strengthen my skills as an herbalist and saved me hours of frustrated floundering!"

Emily Cohen, Lic. Ac., Dipl.C.H., Northampton, MA

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