White Peony Chinese Medicine - Laurel Turk, Lic. Ac.

"For 30 years, I've gotten a chronic cough at the end of every cold. Nothing fixes it--nothing except Laurel."

 Vicki Elson, Conway, MA

"When I first went to see Laurel I was in severe pain several hours a day from endometriosis, ovarian cysts, heavy periods, and adenomyosis, and feeling fried from facing the choice of taking medication with intense side effects, or having a radical  hysterectomy. Pain can be a very lonely place, but after I had my first session I knew that I had found in Laurel an ally and a coach as well as a gifted healer. She didn't just "poof!" things away with a magic wand, but as soon as she began treating me with a combination of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, my body  responded deeply. My spirit did, too. Laurel was encouraging, hopeful, positive, and practical as she tailored her treatments precisely to work with my symptoms as they changed. Within a year of  beginning treatment almost all of my pain was gone, and what has lingered is intermittent and more than liveable. I see Laurel now to maintain this equilibrium and my overall health, and also to help me during my transition to perimenopause. She has taught me a great deal about my body, and gently yet firmly gotten me to take better care of it--a big deal for me! She emphasizes an integrative  approach (for instance, she referred me to a terrific specialized massage therapist) and she helps me with my whole being, not just the parts in trouble. She does all this with good humor, compassion, warmth, and a down-to-earth grace. Laurel is simply wonderful." 

Jane Vecchio, Professor of Psychology, Holyoke Community College

"I've been Laurel Turk's client for over ten years. I am steroid dependent and, because of this, frequently caught colds or other illnesses very easily before I received acupuncture treatment.  This condition was a significant, chronic health problem that at times left me virtually disabled. Acupuncture  improved my immune system so dramatically over time, that now I almost never get sick and feel absolutely wonderful most of the time. I also had difficulty sleeping most of my life, due in part to medications that I took. For the last several years, however, I sleep easily and consistently. This result also has made a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. My health has changed from rather poor and tenuous to excellent, and I take fewer prescription medicines.

I recommend acupuncture without reservation both to recover from illness and to maintain health. Finally, Laurel Turk is very special. She listens to and understands health concerns with great sensitivity. Laurel is responsive to emergencies and seems always ready to make an extra effort to care for her clients."

White Peony Chinese Medicine/ Laurel Turk, Lic.Ac. 
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