White Peony Chinese Medicine - Laurel Turk, Lic. Ac.
Chinese Medicine has been used for millennia to support health during all phases of a woman's life. It is particularly useful for:

Menstruation:  premenstrual symptoms, menstrual pain, irregular cycles, lack of menstruation, not enough or too much bleeding, headaches.

Cysts and growths:  breast cysts, some fibroid tumors, some ovarian cysts, endometriosis, complementary treatment for cancer

Fertility:  can be used alone or in combination with Western medical treatments.

Pregnancy and postpartum: morning sickness, edema, back pain, high blood pressure, labor induction, breastfeeding, and more.

Menopause:  hot flashes, dryness, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, mood changes, osteoporosis.

"I came to Laurel for what I called a 'perimenopausal death-spiral',  which included migraines, severe fatigue,  and heavy menstrual bleeding. I found her acupuncture to be a deep experience of rejuvenation and the herbs to be a reliable, excellent source of maintaining balance. My symptoms diminished and strength was restored under her care. I am deeply grateful. I have tremendous respect for Laurel's skill, compassion, humor and sensitivity. As  a practitioner, I hold her in the highest regard."

 Terri Nash, Certified Prof. Midwife

"When I made the choice to become pregnant my primary focus was keeping my body as healthy and balanced as possible. I therefore began weekly acupuncture sessions with Laurel to accomplish this.

During pregnancy I experienced some physical discomforts such as morning sickness and sciatica. Laurel's use of Chinese herbs and acupuncture relieved my symptoms immediately -often before I had even left her office! And when my baby was two weeks past her calculated due date, Laurel was able to successfully use acupuncture to stimulate my labor. This allowed me to avoid a pharmaceutical induction at the hospital.

Laurel's exquisite blend of professionalism, compassion, and in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine made my pregnancy and labor all the more enjoyable and fulfilling. For that, I am forever grateful."
Heather Johnson, Hadley, MA

     "I used to have very painful menstrual cramps that required 6-10 ibuprofen a day to keep under control. I was usually so miserable that I would change whatever plans I had to lie in a dark room or in a bathtub. Eventually I had stomach pain from the ibuprofen and realized it was beginning to cause me serious problems.
       I started acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with Laurel. It changed everything. My menstrual cramps subsided and then were completely eliminated.  I no longer had to take a day off of work. I no longer felt ruled by my period and I was free from pain and misery. I was able to stop the ibuprofen completely. I was able to completely manage my menstrual pain with one treatment per month and Chinese herbs.
      I really did not think that this kind of change was even possible and have been completely delighted with the outcomes from my treatment. Laurel is wonderful to work with; she is completely professional while showing great compassion and caring."

Robin Kline, Belchertown, MA

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